November 25, 2013

Candied Cranberries

I heard about candied cranberries last week and I was like, are those just dried cranberries? So I looked them up and found out that they’re totally not.  They’re gorgeous little round, sugar-coated cranberries that look like frosty Christmas ornaments.  Below the crunchy sugar coating is a firm cranberry that pops in your mouth and unleashes a burst of tart juice.  I image them at a party in a decorative bowl or champagne coupe on the cocktail table or side bar as a refreshingly tart accompaniment to cocktails or as an after dinner palate zinger.

No matter what, they’re meant to share with others in the holiday season.  Your friends and family will be blown away by the tartness and sweetness of this unique candy that you brought to the table.   I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with family and friends.  By the way, I’m almost completely done with my Christmas shopping....everyone’s getting candied cranberries...kidding.


Makes 1 cup

1 cup water
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups sugar, divided
1 cup fresh cranberries

1.  Bring the water, vanilla extract, and 1 cup of sugar to a boil in a pot. Stir it until the sugar dissolves, then remove the pot from the heat.

2.  Let the sugar syrup cool for ten minutes, then add the cranberries to the saucepan and allow to cool completely.  If you can find a plate to fit into the pot enough to keep the cranberries submerged in the syrup, do so.

3.  Transfer the cranberries and syrup to an air-tight container and refrigerate for at least 8 hours and up to 24 hours.

4.  Spread the remaining sugar on a plate. Drain the soaked cranberries very well (but don't forget them and let them dry out or the sugar won't stick to them) and then toss a few cranberries at a time in the sugar, coating well. Put the sugar-coated cranberries on a baking sheet and let them dry for at least an hour before serving them.

5.  Keep your candied cranberries in an air-tight container for 2 to 3 days; beyond that they’ll get soft.

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