April 28, 2014

Chorizo and Pepperoncini Sandwich

This sandwich may look easy to throw together, but it's a combo you might not have thought of before. It's inspired by a sandwich I had a few times at Forager's City Grocer in Dumbo, Brooklyn made with spicy soppressata instead of chorizo. The first occasion on which I ate one was last summer while driving, sans napkins, hoping I wouldn't end up with bright orange soppressata drippings on my jeans. The next occasion was much more pleasant as I shared the sandwich with Alan on a picnic table by the water on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade after a bike ride.

I was so excited to make this sandwich at home with some pretzel buns from my local market, but those things sell out fast so I used some sliced bread from the freezer.  I highly recommend a ciabatta or other chewy bread that can hold all the great juices that will flow forth from the mighty pepperoncini.


2 sandwich sized pieces ciabatta bread
Red Wine Vinegar
6-8 slices chorizo
4-5 pepperoncini, sliced

1.  Sprinkle each slice of bread with some red wine vinegar and then lock it in with a smear of mayo.

2.  Top one side of each sandwich with chorizo and then a heap of pepperoncini.

3.  Close the sandwiches and enjoy outdoors with a good beer like Peroni!


  1. I've got to try this! It looks so spicy and salty..
    And the photos are so seductive...

  2. It's super vinegary too. As you can see, I really piled on the pepperoncini! It's very good on a pretzel bun which I made it with last night.

  3. I definitely get that combination and can’t wait to try. Chorizo and pepperocini are staples in my kitchen.

    Nice blog!

  4. Hi Joan, thanks for stopping by! They're perfect kitchen staples and I hope you enjoy putting them together in this sandwich! -D