August 13, 2012

Poached Egg with Crispy Prosciutto

I’m intimidated by a package of bacon.  There are too many strips of it (which I know I’ll be eating all by myself), it leaves a big pan of oil that I never know how to discard correctly (my boyfriend used to pour his bacon drippings in the potted plants outside) and it showers the entire kitchen in a greasy mist (stove, counters, walls, shirt, everywhere).

Prosciutto is way less troubling to fry than bacon and can be purchased in small amounts.  Try this Poached Egg with Crispy Prosciutto for breakfast, and then try Crispy Prosciutto Salad for lunch and perhaps Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken for dinner.  It’s prosciutto day and I’ve got you covered!

Makes 1 serving

1 egg
1 slice prosciutto
1/4 cup olive oil

Fill a pot with water high enough to cover an egg and bring to a boil.  Meanwhile, heat olive oil in a small saute pan over medium heat.  Place the prosciutto in the hot oil and cook on each side for about 20-30 seconds depending on its thickness, pressing down any bubbles.  Transfer the prosciutto to paper towels, patting it dry. 

Once your water is boiling, reduce the heat just enough so that the water becomes still.  Get a timer handy.  Carefully crack an egg into a small bowl (making sure you don‘t break the yolk), then gently slip the raw egg into the water and leave it untouched.  Immediately set a timer for your desired doneness:

3 minutes (for softer whites and fully runny yolk)
4 minutes (for cooked whites and runny yolk)
5 minutes (for cooked white and slightly cooked yolk)

Serve the egg and prosciutto alone, with toast or over a salad.


  1. This is gorgeous! One of my absolute favorites (especially over tender baby arugula).
    So happy I ran across your blog!!


  2. Hey Nicole! Glad you stopped by! Yes, salty prosciutto is a dream come true. I ran across a sinful shot of what looked like a salted caramel macaron on your blog...I must now go get one!

    Pleased ta meet you and stop by again soon! -Dorie